Crown moulding and rosettes give spaces an instant upgrade. These decorative elements can add depth, complexity and elegance to an otherwise dull interior. They have been in use for centuries, dating back to ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Today, crown moulding and rosettes can be found in many Thai homes and commercial properties. They come in different styles, sizes and materials, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your space.

Crown moulding is a popular type of moulding (known as จำหน่ายบัว in Thai)  that runs along the upper edges of the walls, where they meet the ceiling. It can be simple or ornate, and is generally used to add a finishing touch to a room. Crown moulding can be made from different materials, including wood, polystyrene foam, and plaster. Crown moulding can give a room a traditional, elegant feel, or a modern, streamlined look. It’s all in the design you choose.

Rosettes, also known as medallions, are circular decorative elements that can be used to dress up a room. They come in different sizes and designs, and can be made from a variety of materials, including wood and plaster. Rosettes can be used to add a decorative touch to ceilings, walls, doors, and furniture. By using rosettes, you can add depth and interest to any space. In Thai architecture, rosettes are commonly found in traditional homes and other buildings. They are often used in combination with crown moulding to create a more sophisticated look.

One of the benefits of crown moulding and rosettes is that they can be painted in any colour to match your decor. They can also be customised to fit any size or shape of room. If you have a large or small room, crown moulding can make the room look taller or wider depending on the type of crown moulding you choose. With rosettes, you can add a focal point to any area of the room. For example, you could add a rosette to the centre of the ceiling to draw attention upwards.

Another benefit of crown moulding and rosettes is that they can add value to your home. If you’re planning to sell your property in the future, these decorative elements can make your home stand out in a competitive market. They can also give your space an upgraded look and feel, while increasing its market value. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference in the long run.

If you’re looking to transform your interior space without breaking the bank, crown moulding and rosettes are an excellent place to start. These decorative elements can be used to add texture, dimension, and elegance to any room. Whether you’re going for a traditional, modern, or eclectic look, crown moulding and rosettes come in a range of styles, finishes, and materials that can be customized to your unique taste and budget. Start exploring the world of crown moulding and rosettes today to take your interior design to the next level!