We are indeed living in exciting times, as the digital explosion continues to bring us new and innovative technology, and for the very first time, the Australian homeowner can become completely energy independent by installing solar panels. The sun gives off 10,000 times more energy than the entire country needs on a daily basis, and with more sunshine hours than most, Australia is perfectly suited to solar power.

Here are the main 3 reasons to make the switch to solar energy if you own a home in Australia.

  1. Reduce your Carbon Footprint – If you stop using traditional electricity provided by the huge fossil fuel burning power stations in favour of the solar energy your panels harness daily, you are greatly reducing your carbon footprint. The companies that carry out solar panel installations are very experienced and can design the system to perfectly suit your needs, and with the very best quality, you can expect to enjoy many years of clean and renewable energy.
  1. Huge Savings – This is probably the biggest attraction for the majority of Australian homeowners, and some homeowners claim as much as 50% savings in the course of a year. Such is the low cost of installing solar panels today that you can expect to see a return on your investment in only a few years, and after that, it is savings all the way! If you are saving around $1,000 per year, that’s money you could put toward a home improvement or your next holiday, and there’s never been a better time to make the switch to solar power.
  1. Clean & Renewable Energy on Tap – You can enjoy energy independence for the first time ever, and when the energy corporations announce yet another price hike, it will not affect you in the slightest. If you would like to know more about the benefits of solar energy, simply search online and ask your local supplier to pay you a home visit, and you can discuss the many options. Some people prefer to be completely self-sufficient with their energy needs, while others install a system that provides a portion of their energy needs, the remainder coming from the national grid.

The Australian government is taking the lead when it comes to encouraging home and business owners to make the switch to clean and renewable energy provided by the sun. In all states, you can receive a grant to install solar panels, or you can have an interest free loan to install the system.

The scientists are telling us that we are very close to the point where climate change triggers a chain of irreversible events, and we should all do what we can to reduce out carbon footprint, while we still can. Installing a state of the art solar panel system is the biggest single thing you can do to reduce your negative impact on the environment, and with very affordable prices, there has never been a better time to make the switch from fossil fuel generated energy to the clean and renewable energy that the sun provides.

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