When constructing or renovating a building, something that needs to be considered is the roofing material. Roofs can be made from many materials, each with its qualities and appearance. Often, the choice of which material to use is given over to style and budget, But there are other factors to consider.

  • Lifespan of the Product. All the most popular materials last more than 15 years, but some will begin to break down after that. You can discuss materials with local roofers in Nottingham. Asphalt has the shortest average lifespan of 20+ years, followed by types of wood, while ceramic tiles and slate can last more than 70 years. Others fall in the middle.
  • Weight. The benefit of lightweight roofing material is that you can save money on the roof supports because they are not as robust. Metal sheeting is super light; asphalt is light as well. Slate and ceramic are quite heavy.
  • Cost: Steel sheeting has become very inexpensive, and it may well be the least expensive option. Asphalt is usually affordable too, and after that, prices can go up quickly depending on your tastes.
  • Appearance: Taste is subjective, but in many ways, with roofing, you get what you pay for. Rarely do the less expensive options outshine the premium products. But it would help if you considered the design cues of the building and the neighbourhood. If everyone has gone with slate or cedar, then to go with steel or asphalt might draw the wrong sort of attention.

Once you know what type of roofing material you prefer, you can fine-tune your decision by comparing products at a roofing supply centre.

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