Are you looking at changing your ageing patio doors? Considering extending your property? If either of these statements is true, then something you might want to consider is bi-folding (Bifold for short) doors, available in a wealth of different adaptable options to suit any budget. They can completely re-invigorate a living space both as an external wall or internal fixture, bringing the healthy natural light in or bringing your outside space closer; bifold doors are an excellent home improvement.

What Are My Options?

Bifold doors are manufactured in Timber, uPVC, and aluminium, depending on your preference and budget. They are available double or triple glazed, and there are numerous glazing options, such as coloured or frosted glass. There are also optional internal choices with a range of blinds, shutters, or curtains integrated between the layers of glass.

How Do They Work?

Bifolding doors consist of various sections depending on the size of the space you are covering, and they open by holding the main door panel (sometimes called the traffic door) at its end and pulling it across the frame. The sections then fold into each other until they reach the far wall to secure them. They are typically used at the back of a property, and they can make your kitchen and garden one space to enjoy during the summer weather. Bifolding doors are popular in many types of rooms, which can include:

  • Open plan kitchens
  • Garden rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Home extensions

Important Issues to Consider

When installing bifold doors to lead from an internal space to an external area, you will need to keep security and privacy issues in mind. An excellent installation company can offer secure locking options, and the previously mentioned internal blinds could help with the privacy problem. It is also important to remember that bifold doors do have a large amount of glass, heat loss can be a problem, and the choice of a high-quality brand should bring with it effective insulation. Tight seals should also mean they are energy efficient, and an excellent example of high-quality doors are Origin bifold doors.

Choosing Origin Doors

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of aluminium bi-folding doors, they are continually winning industry awards for their fantastic design and high build quality. They are a premium choice with many different options for frames and glazing in over one hundred colours. Engineered and made in the UK, their products are highly durable and are manufactured to survive whatever busy family life can throw at them. Guaranteed for up to 20 years, they are a superb choice for home extensions or renovations in many types of properties.

When you’re considering what to do when you want to change the space you live in, it’s always important to explore all the available options open to you. Whether it’s just replacing old patio doors or a full-on home extension, choosing the right bi-folding doors could give you years of pleasure and enjoyment. Take a look at bifold doors today!