Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and improve the health of your mind. Practicing meditation can be quite difficult for many, our minds race and we find it challenging to relax and focus on our breathing. Many people look for tips to improve their meditation sessions and some have been lucky to come across singing bowls.

Helping to Reach a Deep Relaxed StateSinging bowls are used to help an individual reach a relaxed state, when you meditate, incorporate singing bowls into your routine. Place the singing bowl in your lap and strike the bowl with a wooden mallet. Gently rub the mallet around the edge of the bowl and listen to the bowl as it begins to sing. When you feel the vibrations and hear the tone, your body will immediately relax, and you’ll become more conscious of your breathing.

Clear Your Mind of Stress & Anxiety – Millions of people throughout the world suffer from mental health problems, that is why meditation is so important. It helps combat issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. When you meditate with a singing bowl, the vibrations have an effect on your brainwaves. It allows you to reach a deep state of relaxation, clearing your mind of stress and anxiety. The sounds that emanate from the bowl can also clear the room of any negative energy.

Balancing Effect – If your body is unbalanced, a singing bowl will help to realign your energy. In Indian healing systems, a physical issue can cause your body to lose its centre. This often means one or more chakras are being blocked. The rich blend of tones and melodies than come from singing bowls help to balance your chakras and realign your body.

Boost the Immune System – When you incorporate a singing bowl into your meditation practice, it helps to boost your immune system. Every part of your body is vibrating and singing bowls create a frequency that enables your body to both heal and restore equilibrium. You should always play a singing bowl in a clockwise movement as this is the way energy flows through our body.

You can try a range of different singing bowls to see which one suits you. Each singing bowl creates a unique, rich sound that improves your meditation practice. Choosing a singing bowl is a personal choice and you’ll find one that appeals to you. If you wish to take your meditation to a new level, experiment with a singing bowl.