If you invested heavily in double glazed windows and think they will last forever, we’ve got some bad news for you. Even the best windows will eventually degrade and be in need of repair and while most double glazing products will last the warranty period, after that, it is anybody’s guess.

Here are just a few issues that you might encounter with your double glazed windows.

  • Misted windows – The double glazed units are hermetically sealed and should this seal be compromised, condensation will occur. There are affordable uPVC window repairs in Bristol, where the seal can be fixed.
  • Broken locks – Every opening should have a locking handle and if these are of low quality, they can easily malfunction. Most double glazing companies can replace window locks and handles, as most brands are interchangeable.
  • Broken glass – A stray football is all it takes to demolish a double glazed unit and while they are made with toughened safety glass, accidents can and do happen. If the worst should happen, search online for an emergency glazier who can create a new unit and if it in no time.
  • Broken hinges – The cantilever hinges are designed to be durable, but if extra weight is applied while the window is open, this can bend the hinge arms. In the event one of your windows is hard to open, this could be caused by a damaged hinge.

Like most things, uPVC replacement windows need some TLC and if made with quality materials, they should stand the test of time.