Walter Elias Disney was born to Elias Disney, a building contractor & a farmer and Flora Call, who was a teacher in public school. When he was a kid, his family shifted to Marceline, in a nearby farm. The rural Midwestern town has been believed to serve as the model and inspiration for Disneyland. Walt commenced his education in the town. He showed interest in painting with watercolors and sketching with crayons in the school.

After his father gave up farming and took them to Kansas City, Missouri, he started purchasing the morning newspaper route. He made his children assist him in distributing papers. Walt also started his studies in cartooning through correspondence at a school in Kansas. He attended seminars later at the Art Institute and School of Design in Kansas City. Learn more about Walt at

Studying cartooning at school

In 1917, the family relocated to Chicago. Walt studied at McKinley High School. Walt shot photographs here and studied cartooning. He also drew for the school paper hoping of making newspaper cartoonist as his career. However, his service as an ambulance driver for the American Red Cross in Germany and France during the First World War hampered his career as a cartoonist. In 1919, when he came back to Kansas City, he started working as an inker and draughtsman in the studios for commercial painting.

Reopening their business in Hollywood

Dissatisfied with the development, in 1922, Iwerks and Disney established a small studio. They also bought a secondhand movie camera. They started producing one to two-minute animated commercials for local movie theaters distribution needs. They created Alice in Cartoonland and Laugh-O-grams. These animated cartoon sketches were popular with the people. He visited California to commence his career as a cinematographer. However, with the surprising success of their initial Alice picture, they were prompted to begin with Disney. He joined his brother Roy as a business partner in Hollywood.

The popular animated work of Walt Disney

With Roy as his business manager, Disney revived the Alice series along with Ub Iwerks joining him and assisting with animation aspects. They went on create Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Their venture successfully started a decent business. Iwerks along with Disney experimented with a character, Mickey. The mouse was active, joyful, and mischievous in nature.

Walt Disney had achieved immense success following his dreams. He has inspired several business owners around the world to follow their dreams and achieve success in their ventures.