Why go from ash to diamond? A diamond is believed to be forever and it is because of such that the new option of the memorial has become popular in the 21st century, memories of the loved ones that have died, which can achieve the same longevity as diamond.

With the cremation diamonds, and diamonds being forever, also referred to as memorial diamonds, the jewels are made from the remains of cremation. If you decide to consider it as an option for your loved ones or yourself, the following are some of the things which you need to know:

How are they made?

The diamonds are created by a similar process that is utilized in generating synthetic diamonds in the industry. But to the naked eyes, they are indistinguishable from the diamonds which occur naturally.

The process for the memorial diamonds starts when the carbon gets extracted from the remains that have been cremated as it will have another carbon source which is normally graphite. The material gets subjected to intense pressure and heat, the same as the forces which create diamonds naturally. The diamond size is affected more by the time spent in the press as compared to the number of materials utilized.

What they look like

The cremation diamonds are at the beginning rough but they can be cut into the traditional gemstones shapes. As concerns color, various factors influence that. The metals in it and other elements might affect the stone’s hue, and I the deceased had any artificial plates or joints or did chemotherapy, there are chances that there will be an alteration in color. Certain companies offer color to stones via artificial means in case a particular hue is needed. Once the diamond gets cut, it can set into jewelry.

How is it going to be worn?

Diamond is enduring and portable and they are known to be objects which can provide value, symbolizing love. When it comes to certain people, the ability to be able to wear a loved one’s part daily provides a form of comfort. At the same time, comforting is being able to know that the jewelry can be handed down as a keepsake or heirloom. While for some people, the appeal might lie simply in the offbeat novelty memorial which gets stored in a unique place.

Its cost

The memorial diamonds are normally somehow expensive as compared to the diamonds on the market. Prices range from $3000 with a larger stone costing even more. But a memorial diamond doesn’t have to be thought of as an investment financially, it needs to be viewed as a sentimental investment.

What should you also know?

To create a memorial diamond does not mean that you are going to miss out on other options of tribute. The process of creating them only involves a smaller amount of the cremated remains of your loved ones, so you can continue honoring loved ones by having to scatter their ashes in a meaningful place, entombing them in resting places that are permanent, or having to keep them in an urn.